Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Russian Dentist

So, It's been a while since i've updated. That's partially because i've been busy and well quite honestly partially because I'm a little lazy about updating my blog, so i apologize for the laziness but in return i'll tell you about my experience with the russian dentist!

So last week i was on the computer and i realized something! i realized that i had chipped a tooth. It wasn't one of my front teeth (thank gosh!) it was allllll the way in the back, one of the last molars in my mouth! but still it was hurting me and it was a definite chip (well i thought so at least, i've never actually chipped a tooth before). So the next day when i got to school I told my school contact (she is also my russian teacher) that I chipped my tooth and that i would need to see the dentist here in russia. what i didn't tell her was that i was scared out of my mind to go to the dentist in russia! I mean i don't LOVE the dentist in the usa but in russia, well i was just a little more then scared.

The next day at school she told me that she had talked to AFS and they said that yes i would in fact need to go to the dentist because if you don't fix a chip that it would only continue to get worse and that they would find me a good dentist here in Uglich. Then I started playing the waiting game until they told me when my appointment was. They finally told me on friday that i had an appointment for the next morning with the dentist in uglich who does all the bankers teeth. This made me happy because i mean that means she has to be a good dentist, right? Well i was still really nervous because i mean its still the dentist! She also told me that i would need to take about 3000 rubles (90 dollars) with me because that would be the maximum that it would cost her to fix my tooth.

I was in AWE!!! you cant get anything done at the dentist for 90 US dollars! but i believed her and i went to the bank and got out the money. and nervously awaited the next morning. Well when i woke up on saturday i walked to meet Anastasia (an afs volunteer who speaks english) so that she could take me to the dentists office. Surprisingly it was only about a 5 minute walk from my house, which was good because it was raining like crazy!

So when we got there, we opened the door and i was immediately put at ease! it looked just like an american dentist! the room was white and guess what...there was even a fish tank! so she took me back in the back room AFTER she made us put on these little plastic booties over our shoes! it was the weirdest thing! well we went back and it looked just like my dentist in the usa. I sat down and she looked at my tooth and was jabbering on in really fast russian and i didn't fully understand (or rather nothing) what she was doing to me until she pulled out the "orange light gun" used for fillings! then i knew what she was doing.

Over all it was a really quick procedure it only took about 30 minutes. thats when i got an amazing surprise, when she told me how much i owed her she only said 1000 rubles (30 dollars) i was amazed!

So i walked out of the russian dentist with a fixed tooth and a still full wallet! it wasn't traumatic in the least! and now my smile is all fixed!

Love and miss you all!

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  1. Hey Kendra! I know tomorrow is your birthday. I hope you have a great day! Have you seen harry potter yet? You should blog about it when you do..about what you thought of the movie and what it was like seeing it in Russian! When I was in Turkey in July, I went to see Toy Story 3, and even though I couldn't understand any of it, I still got really emotional at the end of the movie when Andy goes off to college. I'm going to wait to see harry potter until I'm home for thanksgiving so I can see it with my sister. I'm trying to convince her we should dress up but she doesn't want to because its not going to be on opening night. Maybe I'll dress up by myself to embarrass her (or myself?) haha. I really miss you. College is going well for me, its so different from high school. My roommate is really nice, and I get to hang out with Madeline often. One of her roommates reminds me of you a little. You should also post about how your birthday is! Are there any strange traditions for birthdays there? Do you have big plans? How are you getting along with other kids at school? I hope the language barrier is getting easier to conquer. I think it's so cool that you are in Russia. I tell people all the time how proud (and jealous) i am that you are already on your second abroad trip.

    I love you, miss you, and wish you a happy 19th birthday!!!