Monday, July 26, 2010

Flight Itinerary - YAY

Hey all! I know that it hasn't been all that long since I updated last but I have some new information since i updated last! I now have my official Itinerary for when I leave for RUSSIA!

So I found out that I have to be in New York City by 2 pm on August 17th so in order to arrange my domestic travel I called AFS and their travel department found it for me. Because I got the NSLI scholarship my domestic travel is included whereas a regular afs program, such as my program to italy 2 years ago, domestic travel is not included in the price of afs. I expected the process to be much more difficult then it was but arranging my domestic travel only took a total of 10 minutes. sooo now for the exciting news here is my plans for August 17 - August 20. yes that is 3 full days of travel!

On the morning of August 17th all have to leave my house at about 5 am in order to get to Madison on time for my 8 am flight. THe flight time is about 1 1/2 hours but due to the time change i'll arrive in NYC at around 1130. I'll have to find my way to another part of the airport to find afs staff and they will take me to the AFS orientation. We will stay in NYC until the 19th.

As far as I know we, the kids going to russia, will be the only group there on the 17th but on the 18th the kids that are going to go to Norway, Belgium, Hungary, and Switzerland (possibly more) so hopefully the orientation will be a little more exciting once they arrive! Especially because I have a friend, NICKY, that is going to belgium!! YAY

So on the 19th the russia group will leave NYC and fly to .... Washington DC... where we will unfortunately remain for about 5 1/2 hours before we take a night flight directly to MOSCOW!

So far this is all that I know about my travel information but in other news: I have started to hear from my host family! YAY! I have been emailing with my host mom a few times and she has told me that my older sister lives and studies in Moscow and that i'll go to school with my younger sister! So that is exciting!

I have also started to collect the things that I am going to need to take with me, Its a slow process but I want to get some of it done before that frantic last week!

I will leave you with one final thought: THREE WEEKS UNTILL I LEAVE!! It is officially 21 days until I leave my hometown for NYC!

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